A good wine starts with the grapes. Both the region of the merlot and the care that has gone into growing it will significantly affect the quality of the resulting wine.

Merlot wine is characterized as a medium-body, medium-tannin wine with low acidity. It has a very soft, fruity flavor of dark berries and plums. It also has undertones of tobacco, wood, and tea. As low-tannic, soft wines, merlots usually do not age well. Because of the simplicity of merlot wines, they are considered good starter wines for people just getting introduced to red wines.

Noble Hill Merlot is grown on a single vineyard which has produced fantastic wines vintage after vintage since being planted in 1998. The clay-rich soil on which the vineyard is established has a high gravel content which facilitates even drainage. The vineyard is a model of even ripening.

Beyond its inherent quality, we give this vineyard a great deal of attention and love, especially with respect to leaf-plucking, shoot combing, and cluster selection. These actions are done manually two to three times per year in order to expose the berries to the sun evenly and reduce herbaceous and under-ripe characters in the wine.

The smoothness of Noble Hill Merlot makes it pair well with a wide spectrum of foods. If you are having a cookout and don’t know what people will be bringing, then merlot wine would be good to serve. Avoid serving merlot with spicy foods, dark greens, or fish.

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